Solar powering Junee Community Centre


December 1, 2020

Solar powering Junee Community Centre.

The installation of the 8kW solar PV system on the Junee Community Centre’s new operational center in Lorne Street is an important step in building community resilience.

Dennis Lambert, Chairman of Junee Community Power Inc (JCP) said “It is a great day for the Junee Community Centre to have a high-quality solar installation using the interest free loan from JCP’s Junee Community Circular Fund (JCCF). The system will help power the Junee Community Centre for the next 25 years using free energy from the sun.”

Sasha Shearman, Manager of the Junee Community Centre, said “Junee Community Power’s efforts have been invaluable. We have been able to concentrate on our job to provide services to our community while JCP has worked on our behalf to secure our solar panels. In years to come when the system requires updating, JCP will do all the hard work for us again.”

Junee Shire Mayor Neil Smith praised the work of Junee Community Power this week after the new solar panel system was installed on the Community Centre building in Lorne Street. He said “Due to the diligent efforts of this small band of people, and the very generous grant monies from the Investing in Rural Communities Fund, we have infrastructure that will save the Junee Community Centre money on their power bills.” He went on to say that it was reported the new system was currently meeting over half their power needs. Mayor Smith is a great supporter of sustainable energy solutions and finished by saying “Our planet needs us to embrace these technologies and options now. Junee Community Power Inc. should be congratulated heartily for helping make it happen.”

JCP Treasurer Martin Holmes said “Since Member for Cootamundra, Steph Cooke helped launch the Circular Fund in August 2019 we have had to endure drought, bushfires and COVID 19 which has hindered JCP’s ability to raise donations for the Circular Fund. The philanthropic Foundation for Regional and Rural Renewal (FRRR) selected Junee as a major new focus in building resilience in rural communities. The Investing in Rural Communities Fund (IRCF) has donated $15,000 to the Circular Fund giving it a major boost.”

Mr Lambert went on to say “One of the goals of JCP is to have Solar PV technology on all community buildings which will keep money saved on energy bills in our towns and helps build energy security and reliability both locally and across the grid.”

To learn more about Junee Community Power, go to and if you wish to donate to the Circular Fund, you can do this from the website. JCP’s next goal is placing solar PV on the Junee Senior Citizen’s hall.

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Junee Community Centre Solar Panel Installation