Junee Community Centre Solar Panels mentioned on ABC Riverina News

The recent installation of solar panels, by Junee Community Power, on the Junee Community Centre, was mention in the 6:30am ABC Riverina Local News segment on Thursday, November 19, 2020.

It was also published on the ABC website, under Riverina Local News.

The Junee Solar Power segment is the last new item before the Weather Report. It commences at 03:31 and concludes at 04:26.


The Community Centre in Junee is now home to an 8-kilowatt solar system, paid for by a local community group. The installations comes after three years of planing by Junee Community Power.

The group’s Dennis Lambert says energy savings will replay a loan and fund the next project at the Senior Citizen’s Hall. He says there’s also benefits for the users of the Community Centre.

Dennis Lambert:
Initially they pay back the loan out of the savings they are making, and that will take five or six years. Once that occurs, they’ll get 19 years of free production off those solar panels.