Amazing!! Junee Senior Citizens Hall results

Thermal testing at Junee Senior Citizen's Hall
Thermal testing at Junee Senior Citizen’s Hall
What an amazing result! 7.45ACH (air changes per hour) that is a 76% improvement and is nearly meeting northern European standards of 6ACH for buildings.

Congratulations to the Junee High School students, Jen Hoy, Martin Holmes, Ken McNamara, Col Higginson and Barbara Guthrie who all helped in this fantastic result.

This is great evidence that the students aim to “Inspire the Junee community to become more energy efficient” is being absolutely achieved. The initial air leak testing by the students gave 32ACH which is very leaky. After closing swampy ac vents, sealing leaks in the internal weather boards, installing door seals, etc. it reduced this to 13.4ACH. After a bit more sealing, panting and getting a leaky window replaced has achieved the current result of 7.45ACH.

In addition the gas heater has been replace with a split system AC for heating and cooling. The gas has now been disconnected saving about $260 per year and making the hall 100% electric. We are eagerly looking forward to future energy bills to get a financial measure of the energy efficiency program so far. The comfort level has already made a great impact based on the feedback from the users of the hall.

We had better get motivated to get some solar PV panels put on and a monitoring system so the students and the community can use the hall as a community resource for us all to learn from.

Congratulations again to all involved.

Remember every watt we can save is a watt we don’t have to produce. Energy efficiency just make financial and common sense!


Dennis Lambert
Junee Community Power Inc.

Congratulations from Junee Mayor

What a great result and a great summary Dennis.

I’d like to add my congratulations to everyone concerned too. A community asset improved, our older citizens looked after and all leading up to the 50th anniversary (in a couple of weeks) of the building being dedicated to the Senior Citz.

Thank you 🙂

Neil Smith
Mayor, Junee Shire Council