C4CE Small Scale Community Solar Guide v2 Announced

C4CE Small Scale Community Solar Guide v2 Cover
C4CE Small Scale Community Solar Guide v2 Cover
Today (September 5, 2017) the Coalition for Community Energy (C4CE) with the support of Environment Victoria is excited to launch the revised Small-scale Community Solar Guide.

This Guide is perhaps one of the most useful resources available to community energy groups looking to develop their first project.  The guide is filled with practical tips, case-studies and the key information you need to know to get started talking to potential host-sites.

The first version of the Small-scaled Community Solar Guide (originally called the Behind the Meter Solar Guide) was developed and launched in 2015 as part of the National Community Energy Strategy.  Unfortunately, the Guide got lost in all the great content so many community energy groups are unaware of its existence.

That’s why C4CE has prioritised revamping and re-releasing this great resource.

The Small-Scale Community Solar Guide includes:

  • 10 case-studies of successful community solar models,
  • An overview to the key technical, financial and legal factors that make small-scale projects the most successful approach to community energy in Australia so far,
  • An introduction to a common legal framework, showing how the different case-studies are similar and different legally and sign-posting the different types of legal agreements that you are likely to need,
  • Tips for engaging with potential host-sites, and finally
  • A decision tree that your group can work through to decide which approach you should take.

To find out more you can:

  1. Download the Guide here
  2. Join tonight’s Webinar, where C4CE’s Tom Nockolds will introduce you to the Guide’s main features.

C4CE would like to thank all the community energy groups that contributed to this guide, as well as Sustainability Victoria for providing the funding needed to update and get this Guide out into the world.

This is Version 2 of the Guide, we have no doubt there will be a Version 3, so if you have suggestions or tips for making the Guide even more useful please email secretariat@c4ce.net.au.

We hope you will find this Guide and the upcoming event series (see more detail below) useful.

Kind regards

Tom Nockolds & Nicky Ison
C4CE Secretariat, www.c4ce.net.au

Update — Recording of Webinar available

view Small Scale Community Solar Guide webinar »